Voyager (probe)

Voyager (probe)

Name of two twin interplanetary automatic probes made by NASA, which between the end of the 1970s and the course of the 1980s revolutionized our knowledge about the bodies of the outer solar system, sending millions of data and images about the planets and their satellites. Jupiterian type.

Derived from an evolution of the Mariner and Viking probes, the Voyager ships are essentially constituted by a decagonal base prism, in which all the on-board electronics are located and from which various structures start: the frame that supports the large antenna 3.7m paraboloid. diameter; extensible appendages with diverse sensors and instrumentation; and other column antennas for the study of planetary radio astronomy. The weight of the entire ship is almost 800 kg.

At the time of putting into orbit, a propulsion module is also included in the probe, which serves to give the thrust towards the distant planets and which, after use, is definitely abandoned in space.

The "Voyager" has had the purpose not only to transmit to us the beautiful images of Jupiter, Saturn and their respective satellites, but also to inquire about the physical and chemical nature of these bodies.

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